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Booshway, Kevin Marchand
Waiting for your Pictures.
Photo Credit: Matt Michaud, MBM Photography
The process for selecting the Booshway (paraphrased and condensed):
    1. The General Assembly may elect the Booshway who shall serve two years hence. The General Assembly is made up of the paid adults at the rendezvous.
    2. If the General Assembly does not elect a Booshway, the responsibility passes to the Steering Committee to elect a Booshway at their annual meeting.
    3. If the Steering Committee does not elect a Booshway, the responsibility passes to the Chair of the Steering Committee.
The 2013 rendezvous was "flooded out". No Booshway was selected to head up the 2015 rendezvous. At the annual meeting of the Steering Committee in August 2013, no Booshway for 2015 was chosen; therefore, the responsibility passed to the Chair of the Steering Committee, Norm DeAndrus. In accordance with and as required by the By Laws, Norm has named a Booshway for the 2015 rendezvous; therefore...
We are pleased to announce the 2015 Rendezvous
De Hickman, Booshway                    Sanborton,  NH                    Cathy Cripps, Segundo                          Memorial Day Weekend                  

May 20 for pre-paid contributors                            May 21 for pre-paid participants                        May 22 for accepted applicants
                                                                                                                                                             who wish to pay at the gate
footnote: although there were a number of potential candidates for Rendezvous 2016, there was no one that had a complete package ready to present to the General Assembly at the Business Meeting; therefore, the responsibility once again passes to the Steering Committee. All known candidates will be invited to present their proposals for Rendezvous 2016 at the annual meeting of the Steering Committee.
Message from the Booshway
    Greetings to all. And congratulations to us all for a great Rendez-vous! Sincere thanks to Kevin, Simone, and their volunteers for all their efforts to make the Lincoln, RI event a memorable one!
    Heartfelt thanks also go to the tireless folks who have given so selflessly for over 27 years to keep the ONEPR going. But let's face it, 27 years is a long time to do anything. They would sure appreciate some help.
    Times they are a changin', and it's time for a "new crowd" to step up and help out (turn over a new leaf, so to speak). HINT: this will be a reoccurring theme for 2015! Watch for later issues of this newsletter.
    In 2015, I am excited to say that I will be Booshway with Cathy Cripps as my Segundo. Having the time limitation of only eleven short months until our next 'vous, and the fact that Mother Nature cut short last year's (2013) gathering, we have chosen Sanbornton, NH for the next event.
    That being said, please remember, this can be YOUR Rendezvous and in order for it to be successful, we need your help. Can you donate your time for camp activities, seminars, or even something you'd like to try that hasn't been done before? You can contact me or Cathy Cripps. I hope you all have a wonderful summer and hope to see you in the spring.   
Photo Credit: Matt Michaud, MBM Photography