Northeast Primitive Rendezvous Association, Inc.
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The "Original" 
North East Primitive Rendezvous

“The people’s rendezvous”,
an interesting experiment 
to see if a rendezvous can be…
“…of the people, for the people, by the people…”
                                                                                                   Abraham Lincoln

When our rendezvous was first conceived, the people who incorporated it realized that it was indeed an “experiment”. 
Other sizable rendezvous at the time were run by an individual or a small board, 
the largest being run by an entity based a good distance away. 
Our rendezvous was to be “the people’s rendezvous”, locally controlled by “shareholders”. 
All a person had to do to become a shareholder was to buy in by registering as a participant. 
Everyone then became a member of the General Council which would meet at each rendezvous 
to determine the direction of the rendezvous and cast their vote for who would lead the next rendezvous. 
Those chosen would then sit on a Board of Directors to support and advise future Booshways. 
We were told that it would never work; however, somehow, we managed and managed quite well.

The challenge we discovered was a question of “Them and Us”
We had not anticipated this confrontation. Our intention was for there to be just an “Us”
On occasion this question would reappear. Each time we were able to endeavor to persevere and continue on.
If you weren't there for the evolution of the rendezvous 
it is understandable that it might be difficult for you to feel as if you were one of "Us".
The experiment lasted for over thirty (30) years;
"a house divided against itself cannot stand".
 If a community's members are in perpetual disagreement of a direction, the group will eventually cease to exist. 
                                from a verse in the Bible (Mark 3:25) later popularized in an 1858 speech by Abraham Lincoln

Therefore, after a lengthy, heart wrenching exchange 
it was voted to suspend operations on the Original North East Primitive Rendezvous.

The North East Primitive Rendezvous Association, Inc. will continue as a corporate entity
honoring all of its existing commitments and agreements.

There is no good reason there can not be a rendezvous over the Memorial Day weekend in 2020. 

It will just have to be re-imagined by a new group of people.