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        The "Original" Northeastern Primitive Rendezvous offers "family camping" with a bit of a twist, everything should be "picture perfect" to the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. All modern conveniences, and there are modern conveniences, are hidden from view.
        There are three time periods from the early history of America represented at our rendezvous: French and Indian War, American Revolution, and the Rocky Mountain Fur Trade between 1825 and 1840. Although we cover periods of war our representations are of camp life. Our cut off date of 1840 was chosen because after that time there were significant societal and technological changes influencing daily life.
        You might say that the "Original" Northeastern is "old fashioned" in more ways than one. It absolutely is and in more ways than just appearance, it encourages old fashioned family values as well. It provides a safe environment, an unique community, an extended family.
        During the years 1825-1840 traders transported goods, i.e. coffee, tobacco, traps, alcohol, etc. to trappers who were harvesting beaver fur in the American west for use in the fashion industry, particularly, hats. These trappers worked the rivers and it was more economical for them to continue to trap and have someone else transport their furs to market.  The traders transported the furs to St. Louis and brought goods to the trappers. They "rendezvoused" for the exchange.
        The first rendezvous lasted only one day but subsequent rendezvous lasted for weeks and weeks. Summer is a poor time to harvest beaver fur but it is a great time for merriment, a great time to reunite with old friends to renew old acquaintances, to participate in good hard trading, and telling of tall tales.
        The "Original" Northeastern provides such an opportunity to people and families today.

The "Original" 
North East Primitive Rendezvous
May 22 - 28, 2019